What are you trying to accomplish with IIoT Value Discovery?

I’m very interested in IIoT and I see a lot of unnecessary problems and project failure. I think there is often a big disconnect between customer value and IIoT projects. I can help make teams more effective.

What are your coaching and consulting offerings?

One Hour IIoT Value Discovery Seminars, Two Hour Interactive IIoT Value Discovery Seminars, Interactive Coaching: Value Discovery Interviews, Interactive Coaching: Value Confirmation Interviews, Custom Training and Consulting, and more (inquire).

I also offer a half hour “Office Hours” session at no charge.

What can I do to learn more about IIoT Value Discovery?

  • Read the blog. I add new ideas and information each week.
  • Register to receive emails announcing new blog postings.
  • Talk with me by requesting an Office Hours call (no charge).
  • Look at Lean Startup, Startup Way, and Steve Blank books and videos.

What is the payoff of IIot Value Discovery?

When you understand IIoT Value Discovery, you have a good idea when you’ll need to perform a series of experiments to discover the best value in your IIoT system. You’ll know the best way to do these experiments, and you’ll be more likely to succeed in your IIoT project.

Are you suggesting a new job title?

No. I’m suggesting a more effective way for a Product Manager, someone responsible for “Product”, or a Project Manager to do their job in a context of IIoT “Unknowns”. In some situations, the role might be played by someone with the job title of Engineer, Product Marketing, Marketing, or other title.

You always refer to IIoT. Do these ideas apply to Internet of Things (IoT) as well?

Yes, the ideas apply to IoT as well as IIoT. However IoT projects are typically new consumer products, so the teams are expecting “unknowns” and are built explicitly as a startup. I don’t believe I have as much to offer these teams, so I talk mostly about Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects.

What is your role?

I’m an IIoT Consultant, Advisor, and Coach.