About IIOT Value Discovery

The central focus in IIoT should be business value. Technology is an enabling ingredient. Business value in IIoT is often best discovered in an exploratory, experimental process. Because IIoT often introduces a range of new possibilities, the best business value is less likely to be produced by the standard business planning and product management processes.

The most successful companies of the internet era have pioneered new ways of tightening the feedback loop between its target customer’s needs and the product development process, with a spectacular increase in product and business effectiveness. The book “The Startup Way”, by Eric Ries, is the best single example of this method, though there are many great approaches. Companies that do not adopt a suitable version of these approaches will be left behind in developing or rapidly evolving markets. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) projects present tricky barriers to success because they often contain a mixture of the established and the experimental.

I’m Robert Benson, an IIoT Product and Marketing Coach and Consultant. I bring this rapid customer feedback approach to IIoT and tech markets. I believe the heart of this issue is discovering value that can be delivered using IIoT across a wide range of possibilities, so I call this effort IIoT Value Discovery.

The vast majority of information on IIoT concerns technical issues. Security, choice and use of platforms, and the like are very important. But this technical information often distracts many people from the business issues that are also very important. These business issues are most effectively explored and refined early in the development process, before spending time and money required for development or market introduction of products. My goal is to provide IIoT teams with the insight and skills that will help them successfully navigate the business issues of IIoT.

I plan to explore these non-technical IIoT issues in the blog. I hope to suggest answers to as many of the questions this will raise as possible. Keep in mind that IIoT is a very big umbrella topic, so the answer is often “it depends”. I plan to describe a new aspect of the opportunity every couple of weeks in this blog, so check back for new postings or register your interest in receiving news in your email.