IIoT = Technology + Business Value

There’s a lot written about IIoT. IIoT is hot, and in many ways the success of IIoT is inevitable. If you’ve read very much of what’s written on IIoT, you might come to the conclusion that it’s all about the technology, the platforms, security, analytics and the like. I’m convinced that the business side of IIoT is just as important as the technical side. My goal for writing this blog is to make the argument for the business side and stimulate your thinking about the business value of IIoT.

Providing advice about the business is something that is hard to do in general, because the business side of IIoT is about your business. And one business is often wildly different from another. So we have to look at IIoT and businesses in broader terms, yet say something generally correct and useful.

As a bit of a preview, here are some of the ways that I think it can be helpful to look at businesses and how these apply to IIoT.

  • The unknowns and knowns of your business
  • Finding and delivering business value
  • Product Management and Project Management for IIoT projects
  • Maybe you need an innovation portfolio or pipeline
  • Is there value in your organization in a tight feedback loop between prospects (or customers) and your IIoT development team? If yes, how can you achieve that feedback most effectively
  • Is your IIoT project an experiment? Or is it mainly execution? Or a mix of the two.
  • What can we learn from The Startup Way?
  • What can we learn from Design Thinking?

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